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Without good rankings in the top 30 positions on the major search engines for words and phrases related to your products and services, you are missing the bulk of your potential client base. Why? Because most people will hardly look beyond the first 30 links returned after they run a search on the engines. If your site is not in the top 30 positions, up to 80% of your potential client base will not know you exist.
There is a pervasive myth among web site owners that simply submitting your web site to hundreds of search engines will increase traffic to your site. Another myth is that simply inserting META tags in your web pages will also increase your traffic. Both are just not true. META tags and submitting are recommended, but by themselves these steps will not get you anywhere.

So what works? SEARCH ENGINE POSITIONING - this is by far your best and most affordable bet.

Consider these statistics: Over 95% of web users find what they are looking for by visiting the top 6 search engines. Many of these searches are for the products and services that you deal in. Everybody knows that even a few good positions on even one or two important keywords or phrases can drive thousands or hundreds of thousands of quality visitor traffic to a web site per day.


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