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Dominor's Network Operations Center (NOC) provides 24 x 7 monitoring of our customer servers, our network status and our connectivity to upstream backbone providers. Our NOC technicians identify potential issues and provide resolution before any problems occur.

Both our Servers and our multiple backbone connections are monitored around the clock. Our custom made monitoring and control software alerts our network support personnel whenever a problem with a Server is detected. Remedial actions include further testing and identification of the problem, process termination and restart, soft reboot or hard reboot. Often, a problem with the Server is corrected within minutes from the time it occurred.
With ready access to servers from the monitor room "NOC," support and administration personnel continually monitor the systems, answer customer questions and quickly troubleshoot any problems.
Dominor has taken many steps to ensure continued and uninterrupted operation of your Servers.
Redundant backbone connections with different backbone providers ensure high level of network connectivity (over 99.99%), while UPS, emergency generators, an inventory of drives, memory chips and other hardware components allows us to get Servers running quickly in case of hardware failures.

Our Technical Support Staff includes server administrators, hardware experts, network engineers, programmers, and applications specialists. In addition to English, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, we also speak Delphi, PHP, C, C++, Bash and more. We use computerized tracking system to expedite response to customers' questions, and offer both free and fee based services.


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